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Counter espionage course

“Far more secure talking over the garden fence than sending sensitive information via email”

Five days that will change your security outlook

The number of high profile espionage cases reported in the world press cover all business sectors; from sport and retail through to IT and telecommunications; shows that in business today espionage is on the rise due to the narrowing of profit margins and the emergence of new tech markets.

The course encompasses basic through to intermediate understanding of espionage technique with an emphasis on countering such a threat. A perfect course for those who wish to extend their knowledge base, gaining a better understanding of espionage; offering a more holistic approach to security and protection.

This course is ideal for:

  1. Security & Risk management professionals
  2. Close Protection Operatives
  3. Special project management
  4. Litigation professionals
  5. Company directors
  6. Bid teams

Aims of the course:
The Counter Espionage course aim is to ensure a good working knowledge of:

  1. Understand the fundamental basics of espionage technique
  2. Understand financial and economic implications
  3. Carry out a basic espionage risk assessment
  4. Identify risk & implement sensitive project security procedures

What the course covers:

The Counter Espionage course is based on our one day lecture, going further into detail and discussing case histories and espionage and the present laws within the UK that relate to espionage.

  1. Espionage history & legal case history
  2. Basic espionage techniques
  3. Psychology & sociology
  4. Threats and risks (internal & external)
  5. Technology (risks & vulnerabilities)
  6. Social engineering & pretext
  7. Sensitive project security procedures
  8. Technical equipment, basic to advanced
  9. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

This course is not heavy on technical content as it is more about the fundamental basics of espionage technique, so it does not go in to the technicalities of radio frequencies or delve into IT security. Those are very specialist subjects in their own right and far too advanced at a basic level.

Attendees will get the chance to get some hands on experience with the latest is commercial eavesdropping devices, tracking devices and covert cameras. As well as taking an analytical look at what “spy” equipment and software is freely available on the internet today. This course also serves to give an understanding of Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures sweeps (TSCM) and the deployment of TSCM equipment.

Note: If you wish to make a group booking, our Counter Espionage course can tailored to suit your industry and industry specific threats.

Booking pre-requisite:

We ask all attendees to submit a full CV with Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. Intelligent Training International Limited reserves the right to carry out due diligence on all attendees of this course. We further reserve the right to withdraw places to these individuals whom with top carry out this course for the wrong reasons.

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