fleet driver training

Fleet driver training

“Removing the irresponsibility, adding quality & experience”

Intelligent Training International can develop a full driver training package for your fleet, including annual assessments and random testing. Raising the standard of driving across your fleet, no matter the size or locations can be a daunting tasks but for our experienced team of instructors.

Our aim is to remove this responsibility from your company; instead providing regular testing and monitoring, reporting quality updates to your company or organisation.

International standards:
We are well aware that the standard of driving differs greatly from country to country. International company can often struggle to obtain and “across the board”, company wide standard due to this. By creating a training framework that is regularly monitored, this will quickly improve standards.

Safety and mind-set:
Our training is about instilling the correct mind set, for drivers to plan, think ahead and to care more about safety.

Many organisations will see a benefit straight away in staff morale.

Over time you will see:

  1. Reduction in accidents - leading to reduction in costs & improved image
  2. Better understanding of the law - leading to reduction prosecution
  3. Less vehicle wear - leading to reduction in costs
  4. Better staff moral - leading to better staff retention

If you are interested in discussing your companies or organisations requirements; please contact us.

fleet driver training