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Bespoke Driving Courses

“Professional training suited to your unique operational environment”

A Tailored Approach

Intelligent Training International Limited can provide a totally tailored driving course to suit your company or organisation's exact operational requirements.

As an example of this, Intelligent Training developed a bespoke assessor's course for the United Nations. The aim of the course was to train those issuing UN Driving Licenses. We have now held this contract for five years.

Course content & accreditation
Our highly experienced Head Instructor Peter Russ is happy to meet with you to discuss your exact requirements and your training aims.

Once we have worked with you on your training aims, we can get the course accreditation via RoSPA. This involves a RoSPA examiner agreeing the course template and visiting the first course; accreditation is given for the first course but we will work with our clients to monitor the course and make changes to content where required, with the approval of RoSPA.

Our aim would be to build a course around the following elements:

  1. Road Craft, safe progressive driving
  2. Police advanced driving techniques
  3. Special Forces driving techniques
  4. Counter surveillance drills

Possible Course Content

Often our training would include pre-course reading of:

  1. The Roadcraft Manual
  2. The Highway Code

Peter and his team will design a course and this course will then be submitted to RoSPA for accreditation; Peter will work with RoSPA to ensure that the course meets their training specifications. Our training courses are often observed by RoSPA to ensure that they continue to meet the exact specification of the accreditation awarded.

International Training
Intelligent Training often provide driver training courses worldwide in suitable locations. Please contact us to discuss any requirements that you may have. For example:

  1. Threats and risks
  2. Route Planning
  3. Communications
  4. Roadcraft
  5. Actions on/evasive actions
  6. Working with outriders
  7. Police liaison and the law

A full course programme will be sent out to interested parties. If you require any information about this or any of our other driver training courses, please contact us.