Counter Espionage Lecture

Counter Espionage Lecture for Security professionals

“Getting security professionals to better understand espionage threats...”

One Business Changing Lecture

Lecture length: 45-90 mins

Our Counter Espionage lecture (Security) is tailored to suit security industry professionals and covers many of the basics, ensuring that a security professional or close protection operative has a good basic understanding of espionage, equipment and technique.

This is an exciting lecture that offers and delivers unique content; a must for anyone interested in providing a better, competent level of security service.

This security lecture has (in part) been delivered to day delegates at “Close Protection World” and British Bodyguard Association events in London and “The Executive Protection Specialist Group”, event in Manchester, England.

Aim of the lecture:
The Counter Espionage lecture's aim is to provide the attendees with a basic understanding of espionage; the risks that their clients or company may face. This includes the following:

  1. Threats and risks (internal & external, industry specific)
  2. Technology (risks & vulnerabilities)
  3. Social engineering & pretext, psychology & sociology
  4. MICE - Money, ideology, coercion, and ego
  5. Sensitive project security procedures
  6. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Other aspects will be covered, including recent legal case histories and relevant laws in the UK with regards to acts of industrial espionage.

The Counter Espionage lecture (Security) is ideal for all security professionals wishing to expand on their knowledge and skills base.

Ideal lecture for:
  1. Security consultants
  2. Close protection officers
  3. Security managers
  4. IT managers

Security Policies and Procedures

The lecture will include what should be in your policies and procedures and how best you can you get non-security related staff to buy-in to these policies.

Q&A Session

At the end of each lecture we hold a Q&A session where we welcome any questions or concerns that the attendees may have. This enables them to maybe identify any areas of concern and how they might be addressed with a workable and cost-effective solution.

Booking a Lecture

If you wish to book this lecture for your security team or for a specific event, please get in touch with us via:

Telephone: +44 1453 791444

Lecturer: Alex Bomberg

Alex is a former soldier and former Aide to the British Royal family and is highly experienced in espionage and counter espionage (email interception, telephone tapping & electronic eavesdropping).

An internationally recognised subject matter expert, Alex has been interviewed a number of times for TV News and the Press on the issue of espionage and security. Further to this, Alex has also written a number of articles on espionage for the Law Gazette, Public Security Magazine and other trade publications.

A full biography for Alex can be found here: Alex Bomberg biography

“Alex Bomberg delivers great, relevant content that all security professionals should know - Close Protection World forum”