defensive driver training

defensive driver training

“For professional drivers involved in VIP protection”

Intelligent Training International Limited provides one of the very best Defensive Driver Training programmes in the world. Our courses are mainly available to Corporate and Government clients, but we do open a few UK courses per year to members of the public. If you are interested in joining the waiting list for one of these courses, please do contact us.

Our Defensive Driving Training courses are chosen by some of the world's leading companies and organisations, including the United Nations, US State Department and even an F1 Team. Intelligent Training International Limited provides specialist driver training to the highest possible standard using a combination of Police and Special Forces driving techniques.

Our Training Team has vast experience both on and off the road; in 2013, Intelligent Training International Limited CEO, Alex Bomberg and Head Driving Instructor Peter Russ were chosen as expert witnesses in a court case for the Brunei Royal Family, involving Royalty Protection Driving.

Course aims:
This is an ideal course for security professionals, those working for NGO's, or international travellers. The aim of our Defensive Driver Training course is to teach safe driving to RoSPA standard and for the students to gain key skills enabling them to react to any potential threats to the vehicle and its occupants.

Course structure:
The couse structure does differ slightly, based on where the course is being held. The course can be delivered in English, French or Spanish.

For English language courses, all of our students should have a good level of English language and are required to read and study the Roadcraft Manual and the British Highway Code.

For international courses, the local Highway Code will be used and pre-course materials will be provided in French or Spanish prior to the start of the course. Up-to-date copies of these will be provided on conformation of booking, along with course joining instructions.

The Defensive Driver Training course is highly intensive and not ideal for individuals who are not willing to put 100% into learning and development. It involves pre-course reading and evening work during the course.

Our team of instructors will work on a one-to-one basis with any student who requires more work in a given area. All of our instruction is ideally done on a ratio of one instructor to two students.

Course duration:
Our Defensive Driver Training course is normally 7-days in duration, in order to take into account all possible elements. That said, we are able to provide bespoke courses for clients based on their exact needs and have these courses accredited by RoSPA.

Core elements of the training include:

  1. Roadcraft
  2. Safe Driving to RoSPA Standards
  3. Route Planning
  4. Threats & Risks
  5. Hazards & Observations
  6. Vehicle Security & Search Techniques
  1. Anti-Ambush/Hi-jack Drills
  2. Counter Surveillance
  3. Convoy Drills
  4. Day & Night Driving
  5. Vehicle Based First Aid

Course pricing will be dependant on your location, the number of students that you wish us to train and whether vechicles and accomadation is available. Obviously, this is going to differ with each client and each location, so please do contact us to discuss your requirements and we will quote accordingly.

For UK-based courses that are open to the public, please contact us for up-to-date pricing. The course price will be provided inclusive of UK “Value Added Tax” (VAT), all course materials, lunches and the use of vehicles and insurance. The price quoted will not include accommodation, however a list of accommodation will be provided with joining instructions.

Next available dates:

Please contact us for the next available dates. Intelligent Protection International Limited will only be running a few of these courses per year in the UK that will be open to members of the public.