driver assesments

Driver Assessor Training Course

“A rise in standards will result in a reduction in losses”

Course Pre-requisite

Intelligent Protection International will design the course for your internal assessors to ensure that your company or organisation has the highest possible driving standards.

It does not matter if you do not already have an internal assessor team or officer; we are happy to discuss with you what type of experience is required and to also help with recruitment of a potential candidate if required.

Better overall standards in driving will lead to:

  1. Reduction in fuel consumption
  2. Reduction in accidents
  3. Reduction in vehicle wear
  4. Protection of company reputation

Raising Standards

A rise in driving standards will go a long way in reducing not only fuel consumption and vehicle wear, but more importantly accidents. No company or organisation wants or needs to be advertising via broken and battered vehicles sat at the side of the road; this is not only about public image, but it is also about your investment into your personnel.

By having an internal assessor team, you can conduct spot tests at ease and better identify drivers that require further training.

If you are interested in our Driver Assessor Training courses, please contact us to discuss the options and your requirements.