VIP Security Awareness Training

VIP Security Awareness Training

“A bespoke solution for VIPs and their families who are concerned about personal security”

Bespoke Security Awareness Training

Professionals from all walks of life do get targeted by criminal elements, that is a fact and while we cannot control becoming a victim, we can be aware of the threat and prepare ourselves and our loved ones.

This Security Awareness Training is specifically designed for celebrities, high profile and high-net-worth individuals and their families.

We understand that there will be times when even the best protected people will be alone, maybe you are arriving home late or leaving the gym, maybe you are with a close group of friends or at a family picnic and it is at those times when you and your family are most vulnerable to robberies or attacks.

Recent history has shown us that no matter if it’s a targeted attack, or if you are chosen by chance, there will have been some single point of failure that led to the event.

“Every good security policy starts with a difficult conversation” that is one of the mantras of our CEO and very apt when it comes to this training given the audience. To get the best out of this training, clients will need to be as open and honest as possible with us to enable us to provide the very best advice and of course training.

Security awareness training is ideal for a whole range of people, from high-net-worth individuals and Royalty, through to football players and film stars. We have provided this training to members of sports teams and whilst we can deliver this training to groups, we prefer to deliver it to individuals due to confidentiality and family life dynamics.

Our approach is that we tailor our Security Awareness Training to each and every client, because every client is different, and each has a specific circumstance to work with and they may or may not have security, they may have a young family, or they may have teenage kids.

To enable us to provide the best possible training, first we will need to conduct a risk profile, this will include us discussing the client’s average itinerary, their lifestyle, public profile and social media profiles.

This training is normally delivered either one to one or can be delivered in the family environment. We prefer to deliver it in an informal manner that is conducive with open discussion on what can be difficult topics for individuals or families to discuss. It may be that we recommend a full Security Audit based on this.

Our Security Awareness training can include:

  1. A security briefing - based on our understanding of the client’s lifestyle and threat profile.
  2. Defensive Driver Training – suitable for clients and client’s partners.
  3. Self-Defense Training – based on Krav Maga and suitable for young people.
  4. Social Media awareness briefing – controlling what we put out in the public domain.

We work with client to ensure that they get as much, or as little training as they believe that they need. Obviously ‘Awareness Training’ is exactly what it is, and it is by no means a substitute for Close Protection Services or Chauffeur Services.

During our Security briefing, we discuss various scenarios based on your present security and lifestyle and discuss ‘reducing the probability of being victim’ and ‘what to do, presented with certain scenarios’ this is of course very much about personal situational awareness. In the unlikely event that you or your family are attacked, how you react will have a direct impact on the outcome. To better understand this, we look at a number of historic attacks on celebrities.

It is important to also discuss stalkers, what can be done to spot obsessive behavior early and how to document and report possible stalkers.

When it comes to working with children and young people, we make the awareness training more of an interactive family discussion, mindful of how young people perceive risks and threats and of course bearing in mind the unrestricted use of Social Media that young people enjoy.

If you are interested in discussing this training and finding out how it might benefit you and your family, please get in touch +44 1453 791444 or email:

For Close Protection, Security Audits and Chauffeur Services, please visit the website of our sister company, Intelligent Protection International Limited.