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Basic surveillance course

“An introduction to the practices of the surveillance operative”

Basic Surveillance

We are still developing this Basic Surveillance Course; as soon as we have finalised full details, we will post them here.

This Surveillance Course will be two weeks in duration and is designed to cover all the basic to intermediate skills involved in surveillance; from vehicle and foot surveillance through to static and rural surveillance.

Instruction will be carried out by highly experienced former British Intelligence Officers and by experienced surveillance operatives, all of whom have many years experience in carrying out surveillance; sometimes in hostile environments.

Course Content
While we are still finalising the course content, the basic core elements will include:

  1. Surveillance equipment
  2. Surveillance planning
  3. Mobile surveillance
  4. Static surveillance
  5. Mobile surveillance
  6. Basic investigation techniques

Booking Pre-requisite:

We ask all attendees to submit a full CV with an in-date Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. Intelligent Training International Limited reserves the right to carry out due diligence on all attendees of this course. We further reserve the right to withdraw places to individuals whom we believe to be carrying out this course for the wrong reasons.

Further info TBC