police motorcycle outriders

Vehicle Escorting

“Vehicle Escorting working with motorcycle outriders”

Course Pre-requisite

Prior to attending this course we would ask that all students obtain advanced driving to at least RoSPA Silver standard. This can be arranged for students as a five day bolt on package prior to the start of the course at a cost of £1000 per student. This RoSPA element is taught on a one instructor to two student ratio.

Intelligent Training International Limited has designed this Vehicle Escorting course for individuals and teams who are involved in VIP Protection and Close Protection driving. It is ideal for drivers who are going to be working in a convoy or who will be working with police outriders.

Designed by our Head Instructor Peter Russ, this course involves intensive work on all different types of roads, with different volumes of traffic, both during the day and at night, and covers many different scenarios.

International Courses

Intelligent Training can provide this course worldwide and tailor it to suit your operational requirements. We have vast experience at working with international close protection teams and various Police forces.

Course Content

Designed as an intensive training course, with driving both during the day and at night, this course is run over a period of four days.

The individual elements of this course may be changed to suit the weather or traffic conditions at the time of the course.

Key elements include:

  1. Threats and risks
  2. Route planning
  3. Communications
  4. Roadcraft
  5. Actions on/evasive actions
  6. Working with outriders
  7. Police liaison and the law

A full course programme will be sent out to interested parties. If you require any information about this or any of our other driver training courses, please contact us.